Empowering the Community and Spreading the Word of God

Established in 2015, Live Church is driven by the goal of bringing people together and forming a community that is based on servanthood, generosity, worship, and discipleship—core values that we hold dearly. We envision our church as an open community where everyone is welcome and loved. Also, we want our members to connect with each other through the Word of God, and through selfless actions as a community.

  • The Gospel of Christ is the lifeblood of our church. However, we don’t want our members to be solely focusing on faith-based services. We want to create an ideal balance by also putting equal importance in the work we do for our community.

  • Whether you want to take part in our outreach programs, strengthen your faith through the Word of God, or donate to our worthwhile causes, United Peace & Faith Church can guide you to the right path. We look forward to seeing you become an active member of our community and following the example that Christ has set.

Our Location

  • 310 S Main St,
    Manchester, NH, 03102