About Us

Empowering the Community and Spreading the Word of God

Established in 2015, Live Church is driven by the goal of bringing people together and forming a community that is based on servanthood, generosity, worship, and discipleship—core values that we hold dearly. We envision our church as an open community where everyone is welcome and loved. Also, we want our members to connect with each other through the Word of God, and through selfless actions as a community.



    We want to REACH OUT to every living soul by the word of God.

  • ACT


  • CARE

    Whether you are a believer or non-believer we CARE about you because God cares about us first.


    We want to EQUIP you by the true word of God.

Our Location

  • 310 S Main St,
    Manchester, NH, 03102

Meet our Leaders

Pastor Nima Ghising

Pastor Deepak Mothey

Pastor Peter Panchakoti

Elder Bhakta Thatal